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The USEWF Board of Directors

Officially established in 1968, the USEWF Board of Directors is the body directly responsible for observing, maintaining, and enforcing our Federation's By-Laws, and for ensuring our continued adherence to the instruction of Wado Ryu karate as originally taught by Master Ohtsuka.

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Cecil T. Patterson-Hachidan Founder and 1st President - 1930 - 2000 John V. Patterson - Nanadan -President Charles Parrish - Shichi-Dan - Senior Asst. to the President
Taylor K. Hayden - Shichi-Dan - Chairman of the Board Bill Taylor - Shichi-Dan - Asst. Chairman of the Board Jimmy Edwards - Shichi-Dan
Bill Herzer - Shichi-Dan Dale Kirby - Shichi-Dan James Zimmermann - Shichi-Dan
Jean Zimmermann - Shichi-Dan William Roe Carter - Shichi-Dan Melvin S. Brown, Jr. - Rokudan
Kathy Kruisenga - Shichi-Dan Michael S. Patterson - Godan - Associate Administrator Eddie Parker - Rokudan - Regional Director - Florida
Tom Stevenson - Rokudan - Regional Director - Alabama

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