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Sensei Dale KirbyNanadan

Dale Kirby is the owner and operator of Kirby’s Karate Academy and sets on the Board of Directors and Examination Board for the U.S. Eastern Wado-Ryu Federation. The following is a brief capsule of his many achievements:

Kirby began his martial arts in 1966 with Judo in West Palm Beach, Fl. He was a Staff Sergeant (E-6) and parachute instructor in the U. S. Army Airborne School, plus on the U. S. Army Parachute Team with over 1,000 free fall jumps. Prior to this, he was a point man with the 101st Airborne Division in Vietnam (1967&1968). He was in 12 combat air assaults and received the Bronze Star for Valor and the Army Commendation medal for Valor. His unit was awarded the Presidential Unit Citation for Valor during the Tet Offensive of 1968.

Mr. Kirby received his B.A. from Florida Atlantic University in Experimental Psychology and Elementary Education. He received his Masters Degree in Exercise Science from Middle Tennessee State University. He has been a public school teacher since 1973. He has written 4 books and been in 5 musical videos.

Kirby began his Wado-Ryu training in 1973 under Mr. Taylor Hayden (7th-Dan). He is Sensei Hayden’s senior black Belt. In 1981, he was the U. S. National Weapons Champion (Karate Illustrated Magazine).

From 1978-1986, he was rated in the top 5 in weapons in the U. S. In 1985 & 1986, he was rated 2nd Nationally in senior free fighting.

Mr. Kirby has also trained in Japan and the U. S. under master instruction of Iai-do, Kendo, Aikijutsu and Kenjutsu. He received his Renshi License in Iai-do from the International Martial Arts Federation in 1986 and presently holds the rank of 6th Dan. He is a Sho-Dan in Kendo under Master N. Kita, has trained with Master Ohtsuka at his home dojo for 3 weeks in 1986 and holds a rank of 4th Dan in Muso Shindo Jodo under Master Kai of Hakata City (Japan). During his studies in Japan (1984 & 1986) he trained under Grand Master Sugino of Katori Shinto Ryu.

His wife Leslie, is a Ni-Dan and his son, Dr. D. Scott Kirby, Jr. (cardiologist) is a San-Dan in Wado-Ryu. His daughter Paige has a Masters Degree in Sociology. His step son Robert Gill, is a Sho-Dan in Wado-Ryu.

Mr. Dale Kirby is just another example of talent that helps run the U. S. Eastern Wado-Ryu Federation. 

Thanks Sensei Kirby...for being Team Wado-Ryu!


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