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Sensei Bill TaylorNanadan

Bill Taylor is the owner and operator of Bill Taylorís Bushido School of Karate and is on the Board of Directors and Black Belt Examination Board for the U.S. Eastern Wado-Ryu Federation. The following are his achievements:

Bill Taylor began his study of the Wado-Ryu style of karate in 1973 under Mr. Newton Harris. Mr. Taylor was originally drawn to the study of Wado-Ryu due to the individuality of its study. Karateka (Karate Student) compete primarily with themselves as opposed to another. His hard work and dedication earned his Sho-Dan under the Mr. Bill Herzer in 1978 and was promoted to Roku-Dan (6th degree) in 1995.

Up until 1980, he competed in amateur point Karate tournaments, which included the Battle of Nashville and the Battle of Atlanta. Mr. Taylor began pursuing a professional kick boxing career in 1980. His first professional match at the age of 18 won a second round knock-out and he went on to win two state titles and attained a number two world ranking in the bantam weight division. In 1988, Mr. Taylor traveled to Paris, France, where he represented the U.S. in his weight class for the Panama Jack International Kickboxing Team.

After this match, he retired from competition to concentrate on running his karate studio. Mr. Taylor took over the Bushido School of Karate in Murfreesboro, TN, in 1981. His schoolís latest accomplishment was winning the School of the Year award from the Federation this last March.

One of the highlights of Mr. Taylor's Martial Arts career came in September of 1975 when, as a Go-Kyu, he was able to work out under the direct supervision of Grand Master Hironori Ohtsuka I. Mr. Taylor has also worked out on four occasions under the present Grand Master Ohtsuka II, one time in which he traveled to Japan and received an one-on-one lesson at Meiji University. He has also studied under Tatsuo Suzuki and Masafumi Shiomitsu. He continued to train under Sensei Cecil T. Patterson until his death in October of 2000.

Mr. Taylor is also very active in the community. He requires as part of the black belt training syllabus for his students to do some activity for their community. His accolades go on and on. Just another fine example of U.S.E.W.F. Team Wado-Ryu. Thanks Mr. Taylor for being a part of our organization!


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