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Welcome to the  Biographies Gallery@ USEasternWado.com. Click on the appropriate scroll from below to select the Biography you'd like to read.


Regarded today as having created the first truly Japanese karate ryu, Hironori Ohtsuka's influence in the world of classical budo cannot be measured. Follow his incredible life, and trace the historical and spiritual origins of Wado Ryu.
One of only 12 internationally sanctioned Wado Ryu Sensei, Cecil T. Patterson's establishment of the USEWF was a responsibility assigned him by the Master himself. Click the scroll to the left to read about the life of this modern-day Samurai.
As the son of O'Sensei, Grandmaster Hironori Ohtsuka II continues the tradition of Wado Ryu as the world's chief instructor and President of the International Wado Ryu Karatedo Renmei in Tokyo.
The eldest son of Grandmaster Ohtsuka II, and the Grandson of the Founder, Sensei Kazutaka Ohtsuka holds the position of Senior Instructor for all affiliated Wado Ryu Dojo worldwide. Read his own story in this revealing, candid biography.
Retired from active duty in the US Navy, Sensei John Patterson began his training under his father at the age of seven. After his father's death in October of 2002, he is now second President of the USEWF.


Read Our Spotlight Biographies on these noted members of the USEWF Board of Directors


L-R: Taylor Hayden, Jimmy Edwards, Bill Herzer, James Zimmermann, Dale Kirby, Bill Taylor, Jean Zimmermann, Melvin Brown


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