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Sensei Kathy KruisengaRokudan

Do you want to try something called “karate?”  When asked this by her mother in April, 1972, Kathy Mercks Kruisenga never dreamed what an important part of her life Wado-Ryu Karate would become.

After a couple of months of trying the women classes in Columbia, Kathy felt she needed a challenge.  Seeking out her instructor, Ron Johnson, she obtained permission to try the men’s classes, which included a workout under Shihan Cecil Patterson once a week.  She never turned back and convinced her instructor that women needed to train with men. Upon training 4 to 5 days a week, she advanced to the rank of Sho-Dan in December, 1974.  Continuing her training under Shihan Patterson, Kathy competed for several years and has a room full of trophies to remind her of the “old” days.

Kathy has been fortunate to attend numerous seminars under the tutelage of various instructors including O’Sensei Hironori Ohtsuka, Shihan Cecil Patterson, Senseis John Patterson, Wayne Tyler, David Deaton, Taylor Hayden, Bill Herzer, and “Superfoot” Bill Wallace.  During one seminar, a special moment occurred when Kathy was selected to spar with a senior black belt, who was being tested.  O’Sensei Ohtsuka recognized and commented about Kathy to Shihan Patterson.  Soon afterward she was advanced to Ni-Dan.  Kathy now holds the rank of Roku Dan which was awarded to her in 1995 by Shihan Patterson.

Kathy has taught in several Wado-Ryu schools in Columbia during her career and currently attends weapons classes under the instruction of Tommy Jones, 4th Dan, who is proficient in the bo, escrima, sai, and several other weapons.  Kathy holds a degree in education and teaches 8th grade science.  She and her husband, Stan, reside in Columbia, Tennessee.  She works with the Karate for Christ schools and their extremely dedicated instructors who use Wado-Ryu karate as an outreach program in various churches.

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