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Sensei Melvin S. Brown, Jr.Rokudan

Melvin S. Brown Jr. began his karate training in the Nashville Dojo of Sensei Denny Shaffer in 1974 and has also trained in Aiki-Jutsu, Tae Kwon Do, Judo, and Jujutsu.  After active duty service in the United States Navy aboard a nuclear submarine, he commenced Wado-Ryu training in 1980 at the Bushido Karate Schools of Sensei Roy Hinkle and Sensei Wayne Tyler.  He received his Shodan exam and promotion from Sensei Wayne Tyler in 1985 and was advanced to the rank of Rokudan by Sensei Cecil Patterson in 1999.  At the time of Sensei Patterson’s passing, Mr. Brown was a member of Sensei’s weekly training class of Shihan-Deshi. He has also attended seminars under the instruction of Grand Master Ohtsuka II, Master Tatsou Suzuki, Master Masafumi Shiomitsu, and Sensei Kazutaka Ohtsuka. In January 2003, he attended an intensive forty-hour instructor training course with Mr. Royce Gracie.

In 1984, Mr. Brown began a law enforcement career as an officer at the Metro Nashville Police Department and became a member of the S.W.A.T. Team in 1987 until 2004. He is certified by the Tennessee Peace Officer’s Standards and Training Commission as an instructor in numerous specialized courses. He has trained thousands of law enforcement corrections, and security officers in defensive tactics, emphasizing dynamic control simulation, throughout the United States, Europe, and Iraq.  During his law enforcement career, he has been involved in thousands of arrests, many of them high-risk in nature, and in addition to numerous other awards has twice received the department’s highest award to a living officer; the Distinguished Service Medal.  Once for actions during a hostage rescue and again for actions during the apprehension of a bank robber that killed a police canine and attempted to kill responding police officers.

Mr. Brown is a graduate of Nashville State Technical Institute; Associate of Applied Science – Police Science Technology and Trevecca Nazarene University; Bachelor of Arts – Management and Human Relations.  He is recognized by the federal court as an expert in police use of force and has served as an adjunct facility member for Austin Peay State University. He is currently the junior member of the U.S.E.W.R.F. Board of Black Belt Examiners.

In 1993, he opened Bushido Dojo in Madison, Tennessee and in 2007 opened Bushido Dojo Joelton.  In 2001 through 2005 Bushido Dojo captured the U.S.E.W.K.F. Wado Cup for three-man black belt kumite team competition.  The Bushido Dojo Teams included varying combinations of Mr. Brown and four black belt students, all of whom are individually successful competitors including two of his sons (Bobby Austin, Aerry Austin, Melvin Brown III, and Joshua Brown) that have each been with him for twenty years, since their childhood. In 2001, Sensei Buck Ford of Bushido Dojo initiated a highly successful on-site after school character development karate program for children.  Sensei Ford – Godan is the senior student of Sensei Brown and Bushido Dojo and is the recipient of the U.S.E.W.R. K. F. President’s and Master Ohtsuka Awards and for over five years was a weekly student of Sensei Patterson. Mr. Ford has been the U.S.E.W.K.F. Senior Black Belt Kata Champion for an unprecedented five consecutive years, 2003-2007.  Mr. Brown’s eldest two sons. Melvin III and Josh, are both TOUGHMAN CHAMPIONS.  Josh Brown is the 2006 TOUGHMAN LIGHT HEAVYWEIGHT WORLD CHAMPION.  The youngest son, Matt, led the 2007 Mixed Team Champions at the Annual U.S.E.W.R. K. F Tournament.

An avid competitor, Mr. Brown has successfully participated in the following events:  International Law Enforcement Olympics – 1986 Gold Medal Karate, 1994 – Gold Medals Karate, Olympic Style Tae Kwon Do, Bronze Medal Judo, World Police and Fire Games – 1991 Bronze Medal Karate, 1999 Gold Medal Karate, 2001 Silver Medal Karate.  For twenty consecutive years (1985-2004) he was a successful karate competitor in kumite, kata, and team kumite at the Tennessee Police & Fire Games for which he now serves as a member of the Board of Directors.

In June of 2004, Mr. Brown was ordered to deployment in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom with the 278th Regimental Combat Team of the Tennessee Army National Guard. He returned home to his family, in late October, 2005. During pre-mobilization he conducted Combatives Training for approximately 500 members of the 3rd Squadron. During his deployment he served in many capacities including as a Convoy Commander & Gunner, Iraqi Police SRT Trainer and Entry Team Leader for Counter-Insurgent Raids, and led numerous humanitarian missions to deliver food, water, toys, and clothing to Iraqi families and their children.  He conducted a karate class for soldiers two nights each week at a Forward Operating Base as well as monthly boxing contests. 


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