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Sensei William "Roe" CarterRokudan

William Monroe Carter, usually known as Roe to his friends, is a 7th Dan who has been on the U. S. Eastern Wado Ryu Board of Directors since 1998. He has been practicing karate for 36 years in his hometown of Lewisburg, TN.

Mr. Roe Carter grew up in Lewisburg. His family ran the local Chevrolet dealership. After attending Marshall County High School and MTSU and settling in the community, he became a member of a local Wado Ryu class taught by Ray Cross and Don Hendrix. At that time they were 4th Kyus who were allowed to teach classes under the leadership of Jerry Potts, Ni Dan, of Columbia. Eventually Mr. Cross and Mr. Hendrix became black belts and ran the school as a karate club with membership dues only. As an ardent student, Roe Carter became friends with his instructors. Several years later in 1983, when Don Hendrix moved to Athens, Alabama and Ray Cross retired as a 4th Dan, Mr. Carter took over the school as a Ni Dan.

While visiting Don Hendrix’s school in Athens and serving as a guest instructor that spring, he met and married one of Mr. Hendrix's students. Jenny Thompson was working as a news anchor in Huntsville and commuting to class in Athens. Three years later Mrs. Carter received her black belt. Since that time she has been an instructor in the Lewisburg Wado Ryu and is now a 6th Dan. They have two children. Maria is a 3rd year student at Auburn University's Harrison School of Pharmacy.  Bill Carter is a senior in computer science at Auburn and a San Dan in karate.

Though karate has been an avocation rather than a full-time job, Mr. Carter has been an enthusiastic supporter of Wado Ryu through the years, attending as many seminars as possible. Although not a regular on the tournament circuit, in 1989 and 1990 Mr. Carter devoted some extra time to competition as well. In 1989 he was ranked 3rd in Executive Black Belt forms for the Southeast Region of NASKA. In 1990 he was ranked 6th. Otherwise, he has spent more time close to home. He works as service and delivery manager for Coble Furniture in Lewisburg.   He is also a Deacon at First Baptist Church where he and his wife are on the Audio Visual Team which records services for television.

Mr. Carter loves the fitness, mental discipline, and art of karate, but he also feels that one of the most enjoyable aspects of running a martial arts school is making friends with students. Anywhere he goes in the community he encounters men and women who know him as Sensei, many of whom he taught as youngsters. His senior students are 6th Dans Jenny Carter and Barry Smotherman, and 5th dans Steve Bass and Mike Burgess, but he enjoys friendships with an ever-widening circle of black belts and students. The experience of being on the Board of Directors has been very rewarding in this way, with the opportunity of being a part of that most important of challenges for the student, the Black Belt Exam. Mr. Carter says, “I look forward to each and every exam. These students are the future of the U.S. Eastern Wado Ryu. Who knows which students could be on the Board themselves one day?” But, of all the benefits of being in the Wado system, most particularly Mr. Carter says that he treasures the privilege of knowing and working out under Sensei Cecil Patterson, who was his friend and mentor for 27 years.


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