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Sensei John V. Patterson

Sensei John Patterson was born in Gatlinburg, Tennessee. He was first introduced to the martial arts at the age of 6. He was enrolled in Judo at his father's Karate school in Donelson, TN. In 1961 at the age of 8 he showed an interest in karate so his father allowed him to start practicing karate. In those days not many children were practicing karate, it was almost unheard of. This proved to be very hard on Mr. Patterson. His father did not show any preferential treatment. Promotions came very slow, however, he finally received his Shodan (1st Degree Black Belt) at the age of 17. 

Throughout the years that followed, highlights in Patterson Sensei's Wado Ryu career included the late Grandmaster Otsuka himself promoting him to Go Dan (5th Degree) during one of his last visits to Nashville, and his promotion to Shichi Dan (7th Degree) by his father and the International Federation in 1993.

Mr. Patterson spent the last of his teenage years and early 20's teaching Wado Ryu at various affiliated schools, and assisting his father at seminars. In 1980 he enlisted in the United States Navy, subsequently stationed at N.A.S Cecil Field Florida. He continued his practice in Wado Ryu, and made frequent trips to Tennessee for Federation events and business. In 1994, he was transferred to California, where he would spend the next two years. In 1996, the Navy transferred Patterson Sensei to Japan for the next year, where he was stationed in Atsugi Base. Following his return to the States, he became the Managing Officer of the Navy's Aviation Electronics School, remaining in that position until his retirement as Master Chief Petty Officer, July 30, 2000.

After his retirement from the U. S. Navy he relocated back to Nashville, TN to train exclusively with his father, Sensei C. T. Patterson, President of the USEWF.  He soon became Assistant to the President assisting in teaching Seminars and handling affairs for the USEWF.  After his fatherís sudden death, in October 2002, and due to his fathers wishes before he died, he became the second President of the USEWF.  It has been his honor to work toward a unified federation and continuing his fatherís path. 

Mr. Patterson has had the privilege to work, one on one with M. Shiomitsu Sensei and Kazutaka Otsuka Sensei, Grandson of Wado-Ryuís founder H. Otsuka.  He also teaches Monthly Black Belt Classes in Columbia and Hohenwald, TN along with private lessons for a few students several times a week and conducts seminars throughout the U.S. for affiliated schools. 

Under his direction he is a supporter and believes in giving back to the community by donating money and time to the Nashville Public School System, the Dixie Baseball League, overseas missionaries to help underprivileged children, clothes and toys for children at Christmas time, and dinners for the needy during Thanksgiving and Christmas.


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