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For those of us truly devoted to the study and art of Wado, the words that follow are much more than just words. They form our core of reasoning and foundation of attitudes; not merely as karateka, but as responsible citizens of our world, and compassionate human beings. They are -- in truth, our Code of Conduct -- our Way of Life. The Dojo Kun

The purpose of the Wado system of karate, the International Wado Ryu Karatedo Renmei, The International Japan Karatedo Federation, and at any Dojo affiliated with these bodies, is to teach the Japanese Martial Arts, their spiritual attitudes, traditions and culture.

Revere that which is Holy. Honor your Father and Mother. Respect your elders and other person's property and rights.

Be thankful for all things; your life, friendships and love. Gratefulness will bring happiness.

Discipline your mind and body so that you have absolute control over both. Only a disciplined person can attain his or her goals in life.

A person's character will be judged by their sincerity and integrity. Only one who is sincere should be worthy of your friendship and trust.

Unity of one's mind, body and spirit in all endeavors are essential to one's success. Concentrate on one thing at a given time.

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