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School: O'Riley Karate Center

Instructor: Sensei Steve O'Riley6th Dan

Location 1: 2444 Morris Gentry Blvd. Antioch, TN 37013 Map It!

Location 2: 550 Presidents PlSmyrna, TN 37167 Directions To This Location

Telephone: (615) 399-3992

E-mail: orileykaratecenter@att.net

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Welcome to O'Riley Karate Center.

Steven O'Riley's Wado Karate Center was founded October 1st, 1994.  Sensei O'Riley began his training in Wado-Ryu in 1984, under the guidance of 7th Dan Taylor Hayden, O'Riley-San received his Black Belt in June of 1988, currently holds the rank of Roku-Dan --6th Degree Black Belt-- and holds a special honor of having trained personally weekly under Shihan Cecil T. Patterson since 1997 up until Sensei Patterson's death in 2002.

An avid and successful competitor, Sensei O'Riley has earned title after title in both kata and kumite, most notably, winning the USEWF kumite Championships a record seven years, and being named fighter of the decade at the 2000 USEWF Championships.  In addition, he holds the distinction of being a recipient of the 1998 and 2002 President's Award, one of the USEWF's most prestigious honors for service to the Federation, and awarded by Shihan Patterson himself. O'Riley-san fulfilled another chapter in his Wado career by traveling to England and participating in the 2004 Winter seminars under Grandmaster Hironori Ohtsuka II, Sensei Masafumi Shiomitsu and other dedicated Wadoka from around the world, for five days of intensive, advanced training.  Other honerable mentions are; USEWF Grand Master Otsuka Award 2005, USA Hall of Fame 2007, and USEWF Instructor of the Year 2009.

Marking his many years as one of the USEWF's most respected instructors, O'Riley-San celebrated  the opening of his first dojo in Antioch, Tennessee in October of 1994, and now conducts as many as 21 day and evening classes each week for adults and children; nearly all taught personally by Sensei O'Riley himself. O'Riley Karate Centers offers complete training for the dedicated martial artist and athlete.

Sensei O'Riley's Wado Karate centers has 2 locations.  His first location was opened in October 1994 in Antioch.  Antioch location is at 2444 Morris Gentry Blvd. in Antioch, Tennessee -- just up the hill from Morris Gentry's intersection with Bell Road. His second dojo opened in Smyrna at the Publix Shopping Center located just off of Sam Ridley Parkway.  Address for this location is 667 President Place, Smyrna, TN 37167.  For more information you can call Sensei O'Riley at 615-399-3992.

For more information, call us @ (615) 399-3992 or visit us at www.orileykarate.com.

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