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Ring Assignment


Ring One


All adult under belt Men

18 and over


Ring Two

Forms and Fighting

All Jr. Black Belt Competitors, Boys/Girls

10-11, 12-13, 14-15, 16-17


Black Belt Adult

Men 18 and 0ver

Women 18 & Over


Ring Three

Forms and Fighting

Boys and Girls

14-15 Junior Under Belt Competitors


Ring Four

Forms and Fighting

Girls and Boys

16-17 Junior Under Belt Competitors


All Adult under belt women

18 and over


Ring Five

Forms and Fighting

Boys and Girls

10-11 Junior Competitors


Ring Six

Forma and Fighting

Boys and Girls

12-13 Junior Competitors


Ring Seven

Forms and Fighting

Boys and Girls

5 years old and younger (Co-Ed)


6-7 Junior Competitors


Ring Eight

Forma and Fighting

8-9 Junior Competitors


Ring Nine

Forms and Open Fighting

Men and Women

Adult Black Belt

Adult Black Belt Kihon Kata


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