C. T. Patterson Scholarship For Excellence


Purpose:  To provide financial assistance to either a Wado student, or possibly the child of a Wado student (to be determined by the Scholarship Committee), to help fund their post high school education in either an accredited four-year college, junior college, or accredited vocational or technical school.

Amount:  To be determined.  It will depend on the amount of the funding.  Given the number of dojos in the organization, at least one scholarship of $1500.

Funding:  The funds for the scholarship will be provided by the schools and clubs that are members of and associated with the USEWKF.  The amount of a $100.00 annual contribution from each member school/club is suggested initially.  Any contributions in addition to that amount would certainly be appreciated, of course.

Qualifications:  The candidates will need to have at least a “C” average in High School and be a graduating Senior.  They will complete a questionnaire, and an essay, the subject to be determined at a later date.

How the Successful Candidate is Chosen:  The person to receive the scholarship will be determined by the Scholarship Committee by a simple majority vote after a review of their application and Essay.

Awarding of Scholarship:  The scholarship(s) would be awarded to the successful candidate at the Annual USEWF Tournament in March.

Scholarship Committee Members: Are John Patterson, Taylor Hayden, Bill Taylor, Steve O’Riley, Melvin Brown, Jean Zimmerman and Newton Harris.

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